Friday, January 20, 2017

Continued work on Ansonia "La Duchesse"

Since the case on this clock was in really bad shape, I disassembled the case, stripped off the old paint, and cleaned off the rust.  I then painted all of it with black enamel paint and reassembled it...

The case had gold detail, which turned out to be gold paint.  After the black paint dried, I tried to add the gold detail back.  I did the painting with a toothpick, but that wasn't even fine enough.  I might redo the paint.

The case has a hinged glass door, but one of the hinges has been broken off.

The door hinge isn't quite aligned with the case one, which will take a little thought to realign it.

I turned a new hinge from brass, in anticipation of aligning and attaching it to the case to replace the missing one.